Committed to the safety and protection of horses.


 A Florida Native, Steve Stephens began riding and competing as a young boy. He later went on to train with the United States Equestrian Team and to become a champion numerous times all over the World. He has won many events such as the Cleveland Grand Prix, American Gold Cup, AGA Championships, the Grand Prix of Montreal and has also been a member of many top finishing Nations Cups teams in the United States, Italy, Belgium and Mexico. Steve holds his FEI Status- Official International Course Designer.

The Equine Emergency Rescue & Relief Inc. is committed to the prevention of the illegal stealing and killing of horses in Florida. EERR seeks to raise awareness to prevent another horse from being killed for the black market sale of horse meat.

This 501(c)(3) organization takes immediate action to serve members of the Florida horse community needing assistance in dire circumstances.

Debbie Stephens

A lifelong equestrian with an unbridled passion for horses.

Mission Statement

Equine Emergency



Steve Stephens

An Olympic course designer with years of experience and horsemanship. 

An Illinois native and Syracuse University graduate with a degree in Sociology, Debbie's love affair with horses and equestrian sport began at a very young age. She has had a tremendously successful career including her record breaking, historical outdoor High Jump on "Rocky Racoon". They cleared the wall in Cincinatti at 7'8" in 1982. Debbie is now based in Tampa, Florida, where she has her own top show jumping operation, Centennial Equestrian Farm. She has a keen eye for selecting talented young horses and astute ability for developing horses' and riders' innate talents.

The EERR seeks to relieve horses, horse owners, and horse farm owners alike in securing the wealth of their property.  By providing shelter, veterinary care, transportation, and safety due to severe weather conditions, accidents, barn fires, and natural disasters, Florida horse owners know the EERR will always assist them, especially when horse owners are not able to afford the expenses of proper care.

Equine Emergency Rescue & Relief