Committed to the safety and protection of horses.

Equine Emergency Rescue & Relief



The Equine Emergency Rescue & Relief Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to the prevention of the illegal stealing and killing of horses in Florida. Debbie and Steve Stephens, founders of The Equine Emergency Rescue & Relief Inc., abbreviated, “EERR,” seek to raise awareness to fight against the black market sale of horse meat.

In addition to The Stephens’ educational goals, EERR assists Florida horse owners in dire circumstances. EERR volunteers and our partners are committed to serving the Florida horse community. Taking immediate action when a member of the Florida horse community asks for help is the mission of this organization.

The EERR’s presence in the horse community is imperative for all farm and horse owners to know in Florida. By providing shelter, veterinary care, transportation, and safety due to severe weather conditions, accidents, barn fires, and natural disasters, Florida horse owners know the EERR will always assist them, especially when horse owners are not able to afford the expenses of proper care.